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About Haaya
Haaya (A Gemini of May the 26th)

Born to a loving family in Beirut, Lebanon, Haaya showed an aptitude for music since her early years. As a young girl, she would only listen to Abdel Halim, Majida El Roumi, and Feiruz! Although artistic talents and views didn’t run in her family, except for the fact that her mother has a beautiful voice which she never put into singing, Haaya always viewed herself as different from everybody else! Her teachers thought of her the same way, not only for her outstanding academics, but for the fact that she would become so alive and confident when it became to poetry, where she would find the right melodies to each poem and her teachers would have to take her to other classes so the rest of the students would see her perform! From her early adolescent years, Haaya knew that she wanted to be more than someone with a regular degree, she wanted to be more than ordinary, and she wanted to be a superstar!

But not until her last year of high school when she got confident enough to do what’s right, although it was behind her family’s back! Haaya knew her family wouldn’t approve her wishes to be a star, and of course, they versioned a totally different career for their daughter! And here is when she met Elie Fakih, a “tableh” teacher (tableh is a traditional Middle Eastern musical instrument); who gave her a great push advising her to start taking lessons. And that is exactly what Haaya did, by referring to one of the very best vocal teachers, Leslie Akl, and to another teacher music, Tony El Bayeh! At the time being, Haaya started conducting her studies in law as her father wished, while she committed to taking singing lessons for 10 months, before her family knew about it and her mother went knots! She totally refused the idea of her daughter becoming a singer, while her dad seemed to be cool about it trying not to cut her enthusiasm although he didn’t express it much in words! Because Haaya was persistent to achieve her dream and show her mum that becoming a singer is not an easy career and most importantly not a wrongful sin, she kept matters in her own hand, and continued to conduct work meetings, though her mother insisted on her refusal! While working on her dream, Haaya stayed a great academic achiever, and got her BA in law at the age of 21!

Now that she has been training for more than 2 years, and her training and hard work had paid off with her first release, her mother seems to understand her enthusiasm and work, better than before and no longer expresses her refusal…

Haaya, who achieved her dream today in becoming a pop singer, believes it is the very beginning of a career which demands strict care and attention from her side. And now with a production company taking care of her, she is continuing with her lessons and referred to new teachers as well, such as the well known in Middle East Ghada Shbeir, who is training her on oriental singing and vocal techniques.

Haaya who believes that a person raised with values, has nothing to fear, and nothing is impossible as long as we believe and convince ourselves that one day we will achieve it! With god’s help, a person creates his own destiny by working hard!
Now, Haaya is very happy with her first outcome and hopes that “KTEER HAYK” will leave an impact, promising with higher standards as she climbs her way up…